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Richard Smith Broker and Hubby

Although I am newly licensed, I am not new to the NC Real Estate Commission. When my license was issued in May 2018, it was a 5 digit number instead of 6. Why? Because, I managed a real estate and insurance office in Pennsylvania for 7 years. And, when we moved to NC from central Pennsylvania (a long time ago!) - NC was reciprocal with PA and I was able to transfer my license and NCREC keeps track! I did real estate for one year and transitioned into mortgage banking for the next 15, allowing my license to lapse.

 As the banks began their merger frenzy, it was time to do something new. Two of our three sons are chefs and I loved to cook - so, off to culinary school I went. For the last 15+ years, I’ve been the baker/pastry chef for Rocky Top Hospitality. I worked at the Twisted Fork for 13 of those years and finished at the catering division in April 2018. For most of that time, my wife - Jo Smith, has been building her (now our) real estate business. It’s nice to be both new and not - at the same time. And, together, we are the Property Smiths at Northside Realty.

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